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Ice fishing on Lake Nipissing is a very popular vacation idea during the long winter months! Lake Nipissing is a great lake in Ontario where ice fishing is enjoyable for the thousands of locals and tourists that come ice fishing every year. This lake has an extremely active winter fishery, and it is frequently considered to be one of the best ice fishing lakes in Ontario.

With more than 2,000 huts covering lake Nipissing, it is small wonder that some people mistake it for a small city. Small huts all the way up to "bungalows on ice" can be found all over the lake, and many visitiors spend their weekends and WEEKS, out on the ice catching fish. These huts come complete with stoves, ,bunks, and all have most of the comforts of home within.

There are plenty of ice hut and bunglaow operators in the area, and every one provides great service to keep the ice fisherman happy and content. Operators can provide you with everything from fishing licenses, angling equipment and bait, even bringing you to the best spots the lake has to offer.

Some of the fish that are targeted while ice fishing are walleye, perch, pike and whitefish. Each species has its own challenges, and excellent tips can be always gotten from ice hut operators and experienced locals. One thing is for sure - nothing tastes better on a  winter day than a feed of walleye in a crispy batter.

Take some time out this winter to discover the joys that Lake Nipissing can bring.  The experience will be one you cherish for years to come.  If your looking for ice fishing information from numerous outfitters click here to fill out our form.

Ice Fishing Outfitters

Bam's Ice Tours
On ice condo;'s Fish the west end of the lake in our comfortable ice condos, get a ride in our unique SnoBear! Our condos sleep up to 4 peeople, and include bait! Come out and have a BLAST!

Bear Creek Cottages
Ice fishing packages are available from January 1 until March 15. We catch walleye, pike, perch, whitefish, and herring. Packages include:Accommodation in fully equipped, fully furnished HK cottage, Transportation to and from ice huts, Large propane heated 4 or 6 man huts, Lines and tip-ups supplied, holes drilled, Washroom facility at huts, Can accommodate large groups .

PictureChalkley's Sandy Bay Cottages and Ice Huts
With twenty-five years under our belts, we know how to put you on fish! Ice fishing on Lake Nipissing is one of the treasured past times throughout Ontario. With a very active population of pike, walleye, herring, whitefish and perch, you can make your next fishing trip a legend. We offer warm, three-bedroom cottages where you can catch some shuteye in peace and comfort while you prepare for your day(s) out on the lake. We will transport you in the morning to one of our large, propane-heated huts on some of the best fishing spots on the lake. Sit back and enjoy your time dropping your line through one of our drilled holes. We look forward to seeing you!


Lake Nipissing Ice Fishing Charters
Lake Nipissing Ice charters are strategically placed on the South shore, with all the comforts of home available. Ideally located near OFSC trails, as well a store and gas station en-route. You will be chartered out to your hut on a plowed trail taking you, to your choice of a 6 or 4 man bungalow your holes will be ready and waiting for you to drop the lines. We are ready and willing to give you anything we can to make your stay at Lake Nipissing Ice Charters a memorable one.

Lake Nipissing Ice FishingSouth River Resort
With our ice bungalows, you can experience an overnight adventure on the ice of beautiful Lake Nipissing, while enjoying the comforts of home in our large 2, 4, 6 or 8 person ice bungalows. This is essentially the same as fishing within your own cottage, right on the ice! Also included is a private outhouse, fish cleaning station, drilled holes inside the bungalow, drilled holes outside, cook stove inside and a sheltered BBQ area for those cold winter days. Northern pike, walleye (pickerel), perch and whitefish are abundant, and every year very large fish are caught. This year our bungalows will be located off of Deepwater Point. We are close to the OFSC snowmobile trails & Young's South Shore Convenience Store (LCBO & Beer Store).