Lake Nipissing Cottage Rentals

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Lake Nipissing Cottage Rentals

About Lake Nipissing

Out of 250,000 freshwater lakes in the province of Ontario, Lake Nipissing is the fourth largest–excluding the Great Lakes. While a very large lake, it is also very shallow with an average depth of 4 to 5 metres. Boaters have to watch out for the many sandbars found along its uneven, irregular shoreline, the perimeter of which is approximately 1100 km.

In its deepest part the lake has a depth of 52 metres. It is about 65 km long and approximately 25 km wide. Dotted throughout the lake are many islands, some inhabited by summer residents, others inhabited only by nesting cormorants. Its size alone makes Lake Nipissing a valuable natural resource. But, in addition, it is home to over 40 species of fish and is the natural habitat of many birds and small animals.


Lake Nipissing is located between the Ottawa River and Georgian Bay (part of Lake Huron).


As stated, history records that Etienne Brule, a scout for French explorer Samuel de Champlain, explored the Lake Nipissing area in 1611.

The Name

Hundreds of years ago, before Etienne Brule scouted this area for Samuel de Champlain, Ojibwe people called this lake home.

Tourism and Fishing

With over 40 species of fish in Lake Nipissing, it is not surprising that sport fishing, native commercial fishing, and tourism are major factors in the continued economical growth of the area. The major sought after species in Lake Nipissing are: walleye, northern pike, muskellunge, yellow perch, and smallmouth bass. Of all these species, walleye is the fish most prized. With everyone’s help Lake Nipissing will continue to be a healthy and abundant lake for years to come.

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